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       Kawangis Mountaineers is a group of young and energetic individuals which composed of young students and professionals bound in one common activity called Mountaineering. Each member has different characteristics but shares one common desire, desire to be in touch with nature, desire to see all the creations of GOD and etc. Every member has a different role in the group. There are no positions nor officers in the group but there is one who handling the group in every event that we organized. Anyone can organize an event for whichever comes first. He/She can be any of the members of the group, but should have the qualifications of handling the group, planning and preparation for a climb.

       Kawangis Mountaineers was established in November, 2006 by the two persons from a well known company. Christian Venerayan and Christhophen Abasolo, both mountaineer from different groups. Christian was a member of a group from Las Piñas and Christophen was a member of Bathala Empire based on Baclaran and one of the members of the Bantay Banahaw. The two met in the company and shared their love on mountains with each other. So they have decided to form a group and named it as KAWANGIS which has tagalog meaning of "Magkatulad" or "Magkamukha" since both shares the same hobby and love of nature. As the time gone by, they invites more person/individual to join their group. The two baptized(wangis) each member by a character name in which they portrayed. Since Christophen is one of the founder of the group, he was baptized as "Ang Prinsipeng Tagapagtatag". On the other hand, Christian was known by his charm and way of engaging a person/individual to join the group. He was then baptized as "Ang Piratang Tagapagbuklod". As the years gone by, KAWANGIS Mountaineers had grew and was able to add new members and as of now there are more than 50 individuals.

       It is very important to get into shape so that your stay in the outdoors will be safe, agile, and enjoyable. By being physically prepared, we avoid harming ourselves with endue exertion. Further advantage of climbing preoccupied with exhaustion for most of the trip. [Source: BMC101]

       Strength and Endurance: these are the two components of a balanced body-conditioning program. Strength is the physical power, as in lifting one's self vertically. The most common strength training is lifting weights. Endurance is the ability to perform physically for long periods of time without becoming exhausted. Also referred to as aerobic fitness, this is most important in backpacking. Running, stairs climbing, hiking, and cycling guarantee a high-sustained heart rate. These activities also train muscles that are taxed most heavily on the trail. [Source: BMC101]

Mountaineers' Creed:
"Take nothing but pictures, kill nothing but time, leave nothing but foot prints"
To encourage every individuals to be a part of the team and share their abilities in different aspects of life. To encourage every individuals to be with the wonders of nature and to be with GOD... as ONE!
"To promote growth and unity beyond cultural diversity."

"Prepare for the worst. Hope for the Best"
"Always Pray before and after the climb"
"Always thank GOD"

Kawangis Mountaineers . . Copyright 2007